Saturday, October 31, 2009

Shiny uranium bauble

My project for this weekend was to build a little decorative bauble, a piece of electronic jewelry. Seven high-brightness UV leds driven by a ring oscillator circuit arranged around a uranium-glass marble. You can see a few pictures of it here.

Some of you may recognize this as being similar to the power indicator on my walking robot. The difference with this piece, other than being stand-alone, is that the LEDs are made to flash sequentially rather than being on all the time. It makes it a lot more eye-catching.

Several of my friends are encouraging me to make and sell these as steampunk jewelry. That might end up being the only way I can afford new servos for the robot.


  1. Any chance on a tutorial of sorts? this sounds cool, but it's not something I'm willing to tackle right now without some guidance. :)

  2. No tutorial yet, but I have a schematic up here:

  3. Very cool. Any chance there's a video of this working?